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Giveaway! A BIG book stack!

I am so thrilled  to be featured in Becky Clark’s Big Bodacious Box O’Books (and Purse) Giveaway. Yes, it’s a mouthful. But even bigger (and better) is the big stack of mysteries by some of my favorite Colorado authors. Becky writes mystery humor and has

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Some Special Bears
Celebration of Life

Mary Birk’s Blog: Friends of the Heart: Memories and Bears

Friends of the Heart: Memories and Bears Sometimes lovely things come from heartbreaking losses. After our Mike died last year, we’ve reconnected with many good friends who’d we not seen for years. Some by phone calls, some by letters, some by texts, some by email,

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Most Gracious Advocate book by Mary Birk
Anne Michaels

Mary Birk’s Blog: Most Gracious Advocate released!

Just a quick post to announce that Most Gracious Advocate, the fourth book in the Terrence Reid/Anne Michaels mystery series (Kindle and paper version) is finally out! This might be my favorite cover so far. (Thanks to JT Lindroos, my wonderful cover designer!) The Audible

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Mary Birk’s Blog: Irresistible Irises

  Whether in a painting by Vincent Van Gogh or the real thing, irises are irresistible. They’re spectacularly beautiful, have an exotic fragrance, come back every year with little care, and can be divided into more plants. In the orchard this year, I found a few

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French Lessons

Mary Birk’s Blog: French Lessons

This summer, David and I are going on a splendid adventure with our wonderful granddaughter. Morgan’s not only our only granddaughter, but our only grandchild! She turns fourteen and graduates from middle school in the same month. So it’s the perfect time for a celebratory

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