Why do weekends seem to go by so fast? Of course, these days the weekdays go by fast as well. But the difference is that the weekdays seem to catapult forward driven by outside forces: commuting to and from work, getting what we need to get done on our workday calendar, responding to what other people need or want us to do, meeting deadlines.

Weekends, on the other hand, are something we have more control over. On Friday night, the weekend schedule seems like a blank page with endless possibilities, at least after your children grow up. When they’re young, weekends are often dominated with soccer, baseball, dance and swim lessons, and homework projects. But later, the weekend is often yours to plan.

The possibilities can be overwhelming. Do I want a massage? A run? A walk? An exercise class? Church? The movies? A play? A concert? Shopping? Work in the garden? Sit in front of the fireplace and watch movies? Get my nails done?

Of course, the weekend also has its own must-dos: the dry cleaners, the grocery store, house cleaning, laundry. But you can do them in your comfortable clothes and with any luck, wake up when you wake up, and gloriously, without an alarm.

From the vantage point of a Sunday night with snow blanketing the landscape again, the weekend seems to have slipped past in seconds and Monday morning just moments away.

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