Memorial Day

I was sitting down tonight to write my blog, and a friend texted me. I said I had to work because I’d wasted my long Memorial Day weekend (meaning I didn’t get as much work done as I’d planned). The question came back, “How did you waste it?”

I thought about that. I went over the weekend in my mind and realized I hadn’t wasted it at all. Just because I got behind on my revision schedule on Sunday and Monday, doesn’t mean the weekend was “wasted.”

In fact, parts of my Memorial Day weekend were wonderful. Best was the visit from my brother on Saturday. We come from a family of five kids: four girls came first, then one boy. We’re ten years apart; when I went away to college, he was seven years old. We live in different states and both have busy schedules. But we are so close, and we all loved our mom and dad.

We spent the day talking about, well, everything, and watching Memorial Day weekend parades and car races while working on the slideshow for our mother’s memorial service celebration.

My brother retired last year from the Air Force and is now an airline pilot. Our family has a history of military service: my father was career Air Force, my mother, some of my aunts and many of my uncles served as well. I’m grateful that we celebrate all of these wonderful people on Veterans’ Day and not on Memorial Day because, blessedly, as far as I know, our family has not lost anyone during armed conflict.

We are so grateful to all the American servicemen and women that have given their lives for our freedom, and to their families for their devastating sacrifices. Thank you.

And, by the way, I loved my Saturday. And I love my brother.

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