Perfect Fall Weekend – Roasted Green Chiles

Today David and I made our annual trip to Nick’s Garden Center, our favorite place to get our yearly supply of roasted green chiles. (We usually get five to six bushels, mixing up the varieties each year, though our favorite are probably Ancho chiles.)

Skipping breakfast in favor of piping hot ears of Olathe sweet corn at Nick’s, we shopped for trees to fill in some spots in our yard while our chiles roasted. We opted for a colorful maple for outside the kitchen window (to replace a tree killed by some particularly evil squirrels), two ornamental purple chokecherry bushes, and a few young blue spruce trees that should be fully grown when we’re a hundred years old.

Then, at home, a perfect football lunch of freshly cooked tortillas filled with still hot green chiles, shredded cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, and slices of grilled chicken – later, a Bronco win. Perfect.


1 thought on “Perfect Fall Weekend – Roasted Green Chiles”

  1. Love it. Sounds like a perfect fall day. And your lunch made me hungry. Enjoy life. And I hope the evil squirrels have moved on.

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