Game of Thrones in the Garden

My husband calls our garden Hell’s Two-and-a-Half Acres. I choose to ignore this insult to our little Colorado Westeros, as he does the (mountain) lion’s share of the hard work. Secretly, I totally get it.

All winter, though, everything looks great, so long as it snows and covers everything with a marshmallow fluff blanket. I love winter’s perfect, no-maintenance landscape. I can sit snugly reading by a crackling fire in the family room, serene in the knowledge I don’t have to do anything to make it stay beautiful. I look out the window, admire the winter wonderland, and then turn the page of the novel I’m reading.

But in the spring, all the flaws pop up – front and center. Sure, there are pockets of pretty—lovely fragrant lilacs and forsythia, apple and crabapple trees blossoms, startlingly tall purple alliums, and a few tulips the rabbits missed, but in Colorado, at least, so much is still stick bare and brown, waiting for safer weather to leaf out.

The weeds, on the other hand, marched back in right away—creepily green and in full lush force! Not vanquished, as I’d hoped by the end of last year, but stronger than ever. Cut them down, slash them, poison them, nothing works. Burning isn’t an option; we’re always worried about wild fires here.

Even if you think in August that you’ve won the war, every spring they return with renewed vigor – like that terrifying army of the dead in Game of Thrones. They’re the White Walkers of the Garden.

I’m preparing for battle. Just wondering where I can get a wheelbarrow full of dragonglass.

What about you? How’s your spring going? What are your pockets of pretty? I’d love to see photos! (It will inspire me to stay the course!) Also, anyone have a dragon they can send over?

1 thought on “Game of Thrones in the Garden”

  1. I love the image of being curled up with a book and not having to do anything about the snow outside. Somehow, God makes it lovely without our help! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    To me, if the flowers are blooming, and there is GREEN, then it’s a lovely yard! 😀 Doesn’t have to be perfect! My front yard bushes are growing in wild profusion, but because of the flowers, I refuse to cut them back. I don’t think the Garden of Eden was perfectly manicured either. 😉

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