Mary Birk’s Blog: How Many Years Does It Take To Make A Garden?

How many years does it take to make a garden? I’ve been working on mine (on and off, admittedly, and with varying degrees of dedication) for over thirty years. Yet it’s still very much a work in progress, and so many of the plants I started with are now long gone. We moved into our home in Centennial, Colorado right before our boys’ 4th and 2nd birthdays (only a day apart). We’d just moved into a different house when we spotted this one for sale. We knew instantly it was our forever home. It was in the country then, though now we’re surrounded by civilization.

For me, at least, it was the garden rather than the house that won my heart first. (The kitchen had orange and brown shag carpet!) Though now I love the house, as well, the garden still comes first for me. I have so many memories: Easter egg hunts in the snow, our dog Taos running on top of the long (now-gone) juniper hedge, pirate birthday party treasure hunts, children playing in the field, the barn, my goddaughter Katie falling in the orchard pond, the playhouse, wood chipping day, and kids in the pool. Graduation, first communion, and birthday celebrations, the party after our granddaughter’s christening, baby showers, and last spring, the May 17th Celebration of Life after our youngest son, Michael’s, funeral.

Looking back through photos, the memories make me smile (or cringe, depending!).  How many years does it take to make a garden? As many as you give it. Do you have garden memories? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. When we first moved into our home in 2007, the backyard was covered with a shredded rubber. It was treeless with the exception of four bartlet pear trees along the back of the damaged hurricane fence. It looked like a war zone. The previous owners had three young children and their only concern was their safety. They didn’t have time for anything else. I decided to design the backyard around a series of paths made from pavers. Then I planted boxwoods around the paths. Roses, flowers and assorted trees – maples and a few fruit trees went in next. Eleven years later – we have a pretty happy back yard and have made many jars of plum jam from one of our trees.

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