Mary Birk’s Blog: Most Gracious Advocate released!

Most Gracious Advocate book by Mary Birk

Most Gracious Advocate by Mary BirkJust a quick post to announce that Most Gracious Advocate, the fourth book in the Terrence Reid/Anne Michaels mystery series (Kindle and paper version) is finally out! This might be my favorite cover so far. (Thanks to JT Lindroos, my wonderful cover designer!) The Audible version should be released any day now, once again read by the talented Cait Frizzell!

I’ll be taking the fifth book in the series with me on our trip to finish the rewrite. No name for that one yet. Maybe it’ll come to me while I’m gone.

Now, off to greet our friends who’ve kindly volunteered to come stay in our house and house-sit while we’re on our trip. Amazing how many things in our house and garden need so many special instructions to keep them going. Good thing we have a few days to walk them through everything!

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