The First Cut – Available this week!

The next mystery in the Terrence Reid/Anne Michaels series comes out this week! For those who haven’t read the first book in the series, Mermaids of Bodega Bay, that book is FREE for five days only on Amazon Kindle (Feb 7-11). So if you have friends who you think might like the book, this would be a good time for them to try it, then they can go on to the next book without having to wait!

The First Cut is set in Glasgow, Scotland, where as you readers who’ve already read Mermaids know, Terrence Reid is a police superintendent. Writing and researching this book took me to Scotland, which was tremendous fun. The people, the food, the drink, the scenery, the wonderful accents and  “Scotticisms” – everything was so enthralling, I wanted to stay forever! As I have Scottish ancestors (with the last name Reid), I’m sure I come by my love for all things Scottish naturally!  The third book in the series, Less than A Treason, also takes place in Scotland, but in the Highlands and at Christmas time. Another fun research trip! I’ll be posting photos from my travels on the website soon. Enjoy!

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