Less Than A Treason – Available Thursday, October 29th!

Just in time for the holidays, the third Terrence Reid/Anne Michaels mystery, Less Than A Treason, set at Christmas in the Scottish Highlands, is being released this Thursday, October 29, 2015. Here’s the story: Scottish Police Superintendent Terrence Reid tears himself away from a murder investigation in Glasgow to return to his family’s ancestral home

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Memorial Day

I was sitting down tonight to write my blog, and a friend texted me. I said I had to work because I’d wasted my long Memorial Day weekend (meaning I didn’t get as much work done as I’d planned). The question came back, “How did you waste it?” I thought about that. I went over

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Movies Remade

Why are so many old movies remade? Is it because the moviemakers think they have a better take on the story, because they believe the technology available now will make a more compelling production, or because they have a vision that drives them? Whatever drives them, I enjoy seeing the different treatments. Last night I

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Why do weekends seem to go by so fast? Of course, these days the weekdays go by fast as well. But the difference is that the weekdays seem to catapult forward driven by outside forces: commuting to and from work, getting what we need to get done on our workday calendar, responding to what other

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